Schwarz-Weiß Aufnahme von einer BlackLivesMatter Demo am Rand von einem Fluss an einer Brücke


A stand against institutionalized racism.
10.000 people demonstrating in Cologne, Germany in June 2020.


My trip in December 2017 through Burma has triggered a lot in me. Since then, I regularly question my Eurocentric view of the world and would like to trigger these questions in the viewer as well. I travel as a foreign body through a world that is in turn foreign to me. I am not used to being seen as a minority, but instead of rejection and coldness, I see openness and interest. We can’t communicate verbally, so the view through the camera works all the better. Direct looks into the camera that I will never forget. I feel a lightness in their eyes that is difficult for me to comprehend in this foreign world. Children, however, do not see the heaviness, children are here in one moment and somewhere else in the next.

Hambacher Forst
+ Gatzweiler Protests

Two huge protests. One at Hambacher Forst with 50.000 people and a smaller one with #fridaysforfuture at Gatzweiler. Demonstrations against relocating whole villages and clearing forests for the sake of coal- mining.


Kuala Lumpur and some smaller cities in Malaysia.

Refugee camps in Moldavia, for Bündnis, Entwicklung hilft

What stays is a feeling. A feeling that we don’t do enough and they don’t have enough.

After a day of exploring refugee camps, the boarder to Ukraine, talking to refugees and visiting warehouses and other facilities, I am nothing but impressed. Impressed by the women who mostly run the facilities and camps. Impressed by the energy, impressed by the welcoming kindness in a time of need and a war going on a couple of kilometres away. The poorest country in Europe lets pass 450.000 refugees. Thats 20% of the whole Moldovian population. The Republic of Moldova impressed me.


Thailand was the most touristy places I went to in Southeast Asia. On one hand it therefore feels like one of the safer countries to travel to. On the other hand the tourists define the cities and landscape to an extend, that there seems to be no adventure left. There are exceptions of course: For example small islands like Ko Phayam, where there are no modern roads and electricity is scarce. Probably the most peaceful place I ever went.


A city that has so many influences by the Roman and the Ottoman Empire who ruled over it, when it still was called Constantinople. You see it in the city`s landscape. The city has a pull I rarely experienced in any city. The nightlife, the wide waters, the constant walking up hills, the beautiful people and old buildings.
I wanna go back.


Order within chaos.

One of my biggest dreams was to see the pyramids, the last of the seven ancient wonders of the world that is still standing.
So we went. And we went into the desert and slept under the stars.