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My name is Kilian and I am a Photographer based in Germany. 

I started using my parent’s cameras when I was ten, developing a deep affection framing shots and capturing meaningful moments through the lens.

In my twenties, I embraced the modeling world, spending years in front of the lens while simultaneously reigniting my passion for photography. Which led me to make the transition back behind the camera.

My considerable experience on sets has endowed me with a deep understanding of how the atmosphere on set significantly shapes the ultimate outcomes. I want talents to express themselves as freely as possible.

My creative vision centers on capturing the essence of beauty and the unconventional, pushing the boundaries of angles, expressions, and environments for unique perspectives.
Driven by the belief that genuine beauty often lies in the unexpected, I love to explore uncharted territories in visual storytelling.

Kilian Amrehn im Fotostudio auf pinkem Designerstuhl

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